List of Church Content Management Systems to Review

ACS Technologies provides industry-leading software and services to churches, schools and denominational offices.
AdvancedMinistry goal is to help churches, ministries and Christian artists set a standard of excellence throughout all of their media.
Church Community Builder web-based suite of software for the church includes a full-featured church management system, private member community and public website builder.
ChurchSites is a personalized website content management system that can power any new or existing church website.
Church Web Works is a proven and effective tool for churches that have trouble keeping their site current or churches seeking an easy, turnkey solution to open a website.
Ekklesia 360 is a web-based application that combines a Content Management System (CMS), Contact Management System, Assimilation/Member Management System and Event/Registration Management System into one program.
is a complete website and content management system and can give your church a powerful web presence in your local community.
Kintera CMS offers the most robust and powerful community website publishing module designed especially for your nonprofit organization.
Main Street Web Site Design & Development for Mega-Churches & Non-Profits.
MinistryPresence partnering with churches and ministries worldwide by providing innovative products and services that will enhance outreach, communication and community building.
NetMinistry serves as a complete content management, e-commerce management, and relationship management tool that leverages the latest technology to power websites for hundreds of churches, ministries, and Christian businesses.
SiteOrganic is a total web solution for your church or ministry. It includes custom design for your website, a world-class hosting platform where you can store your files, and a sophisticated tool suite to help you and and unlimited number of staff/volunteers manage the site.

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  1. OurChurch.Com launched its Custom CMS Express service in February which combines the feature-rich functionality of a CMS, the attractiveness of custom design, and the cost-savings of an automated solution. With Custom CMS Express, the client selects the design and features they want, and OurChurch.Com designs a customized, interactive website to the client’s specifications in as little as five business days and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional custom site.

    We would appreciate your review of Custom CMS Express. If you’d like us to provide you with administrative access to a sample site, please let me know.

    In His Service,
    Paul Steinbrueck

  2. Fellowship Technologies is a great CMS that should be reviewed.

  3. You’re missing 2 of the largest ChMS vendors

    Shelby Systems –

    Fellowship Technologies – (we’re using this one)


  4. We’ve just release a hybrid management system called Church Butler. It’s been through a full year of beta testing and is ready.

    It’s a hybrid system that is internet based but lets you work in a real desktop application (i.e. multiple windows, drang and drop, etc). There are also several features to help you share data and digital files simply, and communicate with your membership quickly.

  5. This is a great resource! Thanks for putting it out there.

    Here are two more that are more or less “standards compliant”.



  6. There is also iMinistries. They have been around for a few years and are growing. I work for a large church in the Chicagoland area called Harvest Bible Chapel. It’s pretty cool because our admins run the entire site without knowing a lick of HTML.

    I must confess that we do have a designer on staff, so that helps to keep our look professional, but you don’t have to have one to run with their system. They have a few basic free design templates that you can start out with or you can have a totally custom design created. That is what we did.

    What is cool is that when we wanted to “freshen” up the look, we made the design, gave it to them and when it was “ready”, we just flipped a switch and the entire website was transformed. The site wasn’t down or anything.

    Then there is their functionality. I think that if our admins run the site, it has to be pretty easy. I’m sure there was a learning curve in the beginning, but from what I can see…if you can use Word, you can use their system. You just got to know what buttons to push.

    If you want to check out our site, it is

    You should check them out. Their address is

  7. Anything new & standards compliant out there? Looking at Ekklesia 360… open to others…

  8. The Nativity Church Management Software application is a complete online solution for any church. Nativity allows any church administrator to easily manage congregation members, church events, donations, groups, the church’s website and much more.

    For more information please visit our website at or if you would like a demonstration of our product please feel free to contact me.


    Steve Male
    Faith Partnership Technologies

  9. Guess I’ll add this one to the list as well. WebMedley has a rock-solid content management system for churches that is built over the dotnetnuke platform. While technically that CMS is free, they do all the hosting, setup and configuration, tossed in a bunch of custom modules, and have video and phone help available. More targeted to smaller-to-midsize churches or ones that have overworked tech staff. Very easy to use.

    Drew, noticed the blog hadn’t been updated in a while. Know you all have been very busy but if you wouldn’t mind a guest post now and then about church tech topics, give me a shout. I’d consider it an honor.

  10. oh yeah, it’s standards-compliant, too.

  11. To Paul from – if you want people to check out your website please get rid of the obnoxious music!

  12. Church:/Advance is a brand new Web 2.0 CMS aimed at churches. It is feature-rich yet simple, uncluttered and easy-to-use.

    It uses the latest web technologies and builds XHTML standards and accessibility standards compliant websites.

    Feel free to add this to your review.

    Cameron Cooke

  13. The ACS Technologies link should actually point to the site for their CMS solution, The Extend Platform.

  14. SiteOrganic stinks! They were much more interested in closing the deal than creating the site we wanted. Now we’re locked into paying hundreds of dollars a month and can’t even change some of the type on our homepage without paying even more money.

  15. After serving in ministry for more than 20 years and counting, I realized that the church needed a user-friendly content management system that anyone could use. There are some great ChMS products in this list above but one thing that I find with each of them is a fairly large price tag which from my personal experience makes it very difficult for small churches to be able to afford.

    So I started to give small ministries the same great websites that the larger churches have at a fraction of the cost. You can get custom design or choose from one of our professional templates but the CMS has the same bells and whistles regardless of the design. Our basic template package starts at just $499 which any size church can afford!

    If you would like more information, please visit our site at

  16. White Horse-

    We’d love to help. This blog post was just brought to my attention, sorry for the delay.

    We specifically advertise all of our pricing and features up front to make sure that each church knows all of the info before they sign up. And, we have no long-term contracts so you are actually not ever locked in. We certainly don’t want you to feel that way!

    Home page text should be easy to change. Drop me a line at brad (at) siteorganic (dot) com and I will get you the help you need.

    Brad Hill, President

  17. Could you add our church cms? CAMNIO Media:

    Here’s a short blurb to add with it:
    CAMNIO Media provides web design and graphic design services for Churches, Non-Profits and small businesses. Our mission is to provide powerful, flexible and affordable websites to help small organizations and companies fulfill their mission. We develop powerful websites driven by Content Management Systems. We refer to our websites as living websites because it is easy to update the content

  18. MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.COM is a great software. Unlimited users and unlimited funds. This software has many robust features without the high price.


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