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Church Management System Usage

According to the Welcome to the Church IT Survey Shelby, ACS and Fellowship One dominate the market for Church Management Systems.

Ever wonder what churches similar to you are doing IT wise? How many computers do they support? What’s their IT staff size? Do they support multi-site, etc? Or what about those churches several steps ahead of you – what’s their IT makeup look like? How should you plan now to be at that size in the future?
What about trying to find churches around you with experience in VoIP, Virtualization, etc? Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a resource that helped shed some light on these questions? Hopefully this survey can at least get you started in the right direction.



  1. I expect these stats to dramatically change! Even though the Fisher of Men CMS is new to the industry, founder Bradley Chesnut has over 20 years of experience in advanced software design and helping businesses maximize their automation.

    Keep an eye on this product, the Fisher of Men CMS at

  2. We are looking for the distinctions between ACS Technologies On Demand and Fellowship One. Any help out there? What are the deciding factors in choosing one over the other?

  3. Hi I am currently doing my studies in the use of web and internet technology, in information and knowledge management in the religious (church) environment. I am intrigued by the different types of CMS that are available. please can someone assist me by sending me more info in terms of what the different systems do.
    I would really appreciate it.

  4. I believe that churches are now looking for solutions that fit the greater need of ministering to and with a mobile church community that is limited in funds but not in vision. Church Office Online fits both those needs. COO is a powerful clean browser based solution that offers great features at a great price.

  5. I’ve compiled some similar data over the past few months. You can find the results here: The landscape is changing, for sure, with more changes ahead.

  6. interesting stats…i’m a true evangelist for the power of our management system – CCB – and was surprised they weren’t on the list.

    I spent more than 15 years in non-profit fund development and so i was looking for a particular kind of CMS solution when i stepped into vocational ministry.

    CCB has allowed us to leverage our community and to engage social networking in a new way.

    we started down the path because of our children’s ministry…and CCB has been a great tool as we’ve grown and changed and also too as the interwebs have too.

  7. This is great information.

    Can you tell me where or how you got the information to make that table under Church Management System Use?

    Thanks so much.

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