Churches: Using the Internet to be on Mission, Disciple and Create Community

Churches: Using the Internet to be on Mission, Disciple and Create Community



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We have all heard about the importance of a church website, the craze of social networking and the need for pastors to blog. But how effective are these really in gathering people, creating community and fostering discipleship? Learn how to enhance your web ministry and impact hundreds, if not thousands of people. Learn from case studies and best practices from churches that have been successful doing ministry online. This valuable webinar will equip you with practical strategies whether you are an online expert or a beginner.

Presented by Drew Goodmanson and sponsored by Monk Development and Denver Seminary.


  1. A very good webinar.


  2. WOW! It’s easy! It’s fun! It’s very cost effective!!! Using Internet applications to increase the giving to your church or non profit!! Also increase the generousity of Christ followers!! This social netwroking is here to stay! Email me

  3. This was an excellent resource and I am passing it on to my Pastor in a few minutes. I am the tech guy who runs the church website. The congregation really congratulated me for the new church website based on a iWeb template. Now, I am a bit embarrassed by the website after hearing all the ways that we are failing to really impact visitors. I took 3 pages of notes from this webinar and will be working to make changes tonight. Thank you for providing such dynamic and relevant content. I hope others find this webinar useful also.
    Minister Nick

  4. I was wondering how to submit a product for your review. I couldn’t find anywhere on your site to do that. Please let me know, as I think you will find that Prayer Chain Online is an innovative, interactive web tool that will motivate and energize church prayer groups. Check it out at Thank you.

  5. Yes, you are absolutely right; use of internet in church should be increased. I am a member of a church at Soddy Daisy, TN. In our church we have church management software . It is web based software. This software allows us to be in touch with church & we can be connected to the other members also anywhere anytime from laptop, notebook, iPod, & iPad. It is really good to use it.

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