The Definitive List of Online Church Community Networks

The Definitive List of Online Church Community Networks

Here is a working list of all the Church Community sites that have launched for churches to examine:


  1. How about OneBody – Haven’t tried it but it seems to cover most of the bases.

  2. Another Church community site is ChurchTag. It has prayer groups, events calendar, widgets and much more.

  3. Thank you so much for including MemberHub on this list! Just for the record it’s one word “MemberHub”, not “Member Hubs”. :). I’ve explored your blog here and really appreciate what you’re doing. Thanks!

  4. This list is great, thank you! We’re just in the process of looking for a social network for our church plant, and your list has proven invaluable.

    I’m doing up a feature-based comparison, of course focussing on our church’s needs, but it may be helpful to others so I’ll post it here:

  5. You might also want to check this out, as the line between church community networks and church management software is pretty blurred:

  6. Here is a post with the raw survey results that Tony Dye conducted:

    I would add Church Community Builder (CCB) to your list. They are an outstanding company and product offering in the ChMS space.

  7. We really like Church Community Builder – it as many facebookesq features for church members to engage and interact… as well as a personal calendar that shows you all the groups/involvement commitments that you have coming up.

  8. Great list Paul (very comprehensive). As far as I am concerned as a Lead Pastor it isn’t even close. I love using CCB ( It is a lifesaver after using another above mentioned system. I used several other online blogs who had tested different ones to narrow down my search and by then CCB had released a new look and usability (not to mention a reasonable entry price point) that made it a slam dunk for me. It also does allow online giving and pledges which I think Pauls comparison sheet has no marked.

  9. Please take a look at Faith Interactive’s Connected Community ( The tool has a complete list of social networking, collaboration and community tools. What makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to integrate with existing Church databases, ability to create microsites (ministry websites) and allows access via a powerful module called mobile membership.

  10. I think having an online church community is a great idea, especially for those who don’t live near a good church or who are home-bound. You can also share prayer requests with a group of believers by using online prayer chains such as Prayer Chain Online. I think you will find these online offerings to be a great supplement to your Christian experience.

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